Failure to plan is planning to fail in consumer engagement

It’s just _____ (<- insert a social network / community / any online space here), why’d you have to slow things down by spending time planning what you do and how you do it? Social media posts used to be something that somebody in the marketing team would fire out to customers after hearing from […]

How would you scale online customer service and engagement?

I firmly believe in the “old” saying of Brian Solis from 2007: Customer service is the (new) marketing. New in parentheses because, it’s nothing new anymore that brands offer customer service though various social channels. I believe in listening to customers and fans. That often is the most valuable feedback you can get. I believe […]

Who speaks on behalf of a brand on the internet?

How a company is represented on the web is a complex question. As with most questions, I’ve appoached this through asking myself the four basic things: why, what, who and how. Especially the question of who can and should represent a brand, seems to be a tough one to crack for a lot of companies. […]

10 things to do to get your branded social presences right

Why is your business on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network or community? Depends on the business of course. Some of the most common answers I’ve heard would be: advertise our new products, talk about everything that’s exciting about our product, get new customers, get existing customers buy more, offer customer support, get some […]

New challenges ahead!

The internet is made of people. People matter. This includes you. Stop trying to sell everything about yourself to everyone. Don’t just hammer away and repeat and talk at people—talk TO people. It’s organic. Make stuff for the internet that matters to you, even if it seems stupid. Do it because it’s good and feels […]

A community manager is a piñata

I posted earlier about what community managers really do, and came across this nice infographic on the role of a community manager on the Get Satisfaction Blog. It was posted back in January to celebrate the Community Manager Appreciation day. All the points are great, we are gardeners, cheerleaders, traffic cops and generally very empathic people 😉 […]

Misconceptions about own, bought and earned media

The semantics around own, bought and earned media definition and use is a topic that surfaces in discussions more and more often nowadays. An article on the later developments of the model is well worth a read too. The basic model is very very clear and concise – if you use it right. However, over and over again I […]

Is social media dead is not the right question to ask

Jonathan Salem Baskin asked yestarday on AdAge “Do Campaign Failures, High-Profile Firings Signal the End of Social Media?” At the same time this question is amusing and a bit alarming too as I think it really is not the right question to ask at all. Me, I am actually really looking forward to the “death […]

On activism and social media

The political situation in Tunisia and Egypt has been unstable now for some time now and a peaceful democratic transition is still far from assured. People are using different social networks to organize and broadcast the protests in the streets of Cairo and Tunis and finding ways to bypass the internet blocks set up by the government in […]

A sociological perspective on social networks and brands

Why do people join social networks online? I would argue that primarily to maintain their already existing connections. To keep in touch with their friends, not necessarily make new ones. In that sense, the term social networking site or service is not entirely accurate label for services, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. In fact, “networking” […]

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